Janów Podlaski Castle

We recommend accommodation at Hotel Zamek Janów Podlaski**** 1 Zamkowa Street, 21-505 Janów Podlaski. Phone no: + 48 83 379-08-50 , e-mail: recepcja@zamekjanowpodlaski.pl

The four-star conference and leisure center Janow Podlaski Castle is the result of dreams, passion and love for history and the desire to create a unique place where comfort and modernity harmonize with pure, unspoiled nature.

Picturesquely located in the heart of the Podlaski Gorge of the Bug River Landscape Park, the Castle dates back to the 15th century, and the preserved walls of the Castle to the 18th century. Wishing to preserve the unique atmosphere of this historic place, in harmony between the past and the present, we have created a unique space where history meets modernity.


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